Kureha Suzuka
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Race Symbiont
Affiliation Section 2
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Status Alive
Weapons Dual Daggers
Japanese Voice Kana Ueda
English Voice Philece Sampler

A young prodigy who joined the police force at the age of 18 with the rank of Lieutenant, she is posted in the Tokko division. Her symbiont tattoo, like Sakura, was on her right shoulder. Her preferred weapons are two daggers that have two retractable blades. Kureha does not appear to wear a shirt with the black leather jacket and pants (which are signature to the Tokko division), revealing a black tattoo of a butterfly above her pierced belly-button. In fact the jacket is the only piece of clothing she wears on her upper body when in Tokko uniform, mostly leaving it unzipped. Originally having brown hair, she changed it to blonde after the massacre as a means of moving on after her parents were killed by Phantoms and the death of her younger brother, Akito, at her hands. Kureha is very interested in Ranmaru, especially on his looks and his history. In fact, she had kissed him when they visited the cemetery where her family was resting. However, nothing more would come of this when the relationship between Ranmaru and Sakura began to flourish further in episode ten, though she would still tease and idly flirt with Ranmaru though the rest of the series.